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2019 Umpire Registration and Umpire Course.  Playing Rules Documents.

AA and AAA Divisions:  All teenage umpires (new and returning) for our AAA and AA division, need to register annually and need to attend the TBD appropriate sessions. The registration form, along with Liability Waiver and a document about Safety, can be found in the "Documents" section of this website.  Upon registration, additional information will be sent to registrants.

Contact Brian Wilson at the tel# or e-mail address below if interested in becoming a teen umpire this year.

Majors and Intermediate Divisions: Experienced adult umpires, patched umpires, and inexperieced prospective adult umpires with a true interest in umpiring, are welcome to contact the assigner (Art Krusinski) at any time.   Tel# 978-443-0791.   or send an e-mail to:  

Elimination of Refresher Meeting for Returning, Game Experienced, AA and AAA Teen Umpires.
In the past, returning umpires were required to attend a meeting in March. There were four separate options from which to choose.  However, since 2015, more frequent in-season onfield observations and guidance were added and consequently the umps have come a long way and the value of the indoor refresher diminished. Therefore, the March indoor classroom session for returning game-experienced umpires was eliminated in 2016.  Forms are collected in a manner to save them time.


Umpire Course for prospective teenage umpires who have not umpired in Sudbury INDOOR SESSION.

There will be a TBD 90-minute indoor meeting on Saturday March 16 or Sunday March 24 sometime between 9 AM and 12 noon. The session will address: the logistics of how games are assigned, proper attire, the fee structure, any remaining paperwork, and some local and national rules for the AAA and AA Divisions.

Also covered will be the plan for outdoor training sessions to be conducted during a scrimmage or game, where the "mechanics" of umpiring will be taught by adult patched umpires.


Umpire Course for prospective teenage umpires who have not umpired in Sudbury.  OUTDOOR SESSIONS

The outdoor onfield sessions are typically scheduled during a preseason scrimmage or early season game.

During the outdoor session, education about safety is the primary course goal. Going behind the plate is required.  Learning where to stand, how to get to the next spot, signals, (i.e., umpire mehanics), etc. are also taught.

Balls & Strikes, Safe & Out, and various rules are also covered.  Much about umpiring can be introduced by reading, but the on-field experience has proved to be very necessary and beneficial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write to:

Brian Wilson


Regulations and Playing Rules for the AA, AAA, Majors and Intermediate Divisions.

The LLB Rules are the basis of our local LLB program, with some Executive Committee/BOD requested/approved exceptions.

Additionally, in an attempt to simplify the LLB book, and provide clearer explanations, local rules documents are also prepared.

Our local rules documents were updated and in April, 2018 for the AA, Majors & AAA, and the Intermediate Divisions. They can be found in the "Documents" section of this website.

Special Note about Baseball Bats.

The specifications for approved youth league bats (LLB and other orgs) were in complicated until last season. Things settled last year (2018) and we would refer interested parties to the LLB website: www.littleleague.org  

Art Krusinski  AKrusinski@aol.com  978-443-0791