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Microsoft Excel file 1. Jimmy Fund Umpire Minors and Farm Schedule

Microsoft Excel file 1. Umpire Contact Info- Umpire for Jimmy Fund Contact Info

Microsoft Excel file 1a. Triple A and Double A Segment 5 6/3-6/17- Segment schedule does not include Triple A playoffs which are still being assigned. There are also a handful of make up games not shown here. All managers will receive an email of who their umpire(s) are, if they are not shown immediately on here.

Microsoft Excel file 1b. Segment 4 Triple A and Double A Umpire Assignments 5/20-6/2

Microsoft Excel file 1c. Segment 3 of Triple A and Double A umpire Assignments for ga

Microsoft Excel file 1d. 2017 AA and Triple A Umpire Assignments Segment 2- Managers please check this page on day of game. You should all have a copy of the umpire contact list. Please contact me if you don't. Thanks, Brian

Microsoft Excel file 1e. AAA and AA Umpire Assignments Segment 1 Revision 2- Here is the schedule of umpires for Triple A and Double A games for first segment of the season. Includes fee each umpire will make for doing the game. Please check page frequently as their are often revisions. Revision number will be posted as part of the document

Microsoft Excel file 2. 2017 Teen Umpire Registration Form- DEADLINE EXTENDED. Please complete this .xlsx form to register as an umpire for the AA and AAA divisions.. We appear to have enough Apprentice Umps. Returning Ump are encouraged to send in the form at any time.

Microsoft Word file 3. 2017 Some Safety Reminders for LSYLLB Managers and Umpi- Required reading for umpires, and the parents of umpire, in our AAA or AA Divisions.

Microsoft Word file 4. 2017 Umpire Releases and Waiver of Liability- Document that must be signed by a parent or legal guardian of a prospective umpire of minor age.

Microsoft Word file Bay State 2016 info sheet

Microsoft Word file CORI 2017

Adobe PDF file Incident Tracking Report *

Adobe PDF file LL Volunteer Application 2017 *

Microsoft Word file LS Baseball Scholarship Application

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.